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Capacitive Deionzation
ㆍCapacitive Deionization (CDI)
– CDI is a system that removes ions in water using electrical properties
– A system that repeats the accumulation (removal) and discharge (regeneration) of ions through the carbon electrode
– Reduction of operating costs, environment-friendly features
– Process technology application contract with Korea Electric Power Research Institute
ㆍModule structure and unit system
ㆍTechnical of CDI
Based on the electric double layer formation principle, low voltage(1.5 V) is applied to porous carbon electrodes to desalinize by making ions in the solution attached to the electrode surface
500㎥/Day (Taean Smart Farm)
– Cooling tower, Household water, Drinking water, Deionized water, Sewage, Factory waste water, Desalination, Industrial water, Metal ion recover, High temperature water
– Main replacement
– Electricity consumption
– Module usage period
– Etc
: electrode in module
: Based on optimum concentration (TDS 2000ppm or less)㎥ per 1.5~2kw
: Recommened up to 2 years
: Selective removal of NO3-N, NH3-N
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