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Zero Liquid Discharge
ㆍPLANT(Wastewater treatment)
– FGD wastewater treatment PKG. Design and supply of equipment
Shinseocheon FGD desulfurization wastewater treatment facility
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.
Sinseocheon Thermal Power Plant in Seocheon-gun
Desulfurization (temporary) wastewater treatment in 1,018 MW
648m3/day (13.5㎥/H x 2Units)
November 04, 2019
ㆍComposition of the process
FGD wastewater treatment facility Measurement and control equipment Other equipment and designs
01 1st SS removal (Pre-Clarifier) system 01 All measurement, control, PLC related equipment 01 Various chemical filling and consumable materials
02 wastewater storage and pretreatment system 02 All hardware devices of PLC redundant communication 02 Emergency cleaning and facial cleansing facilities
03 Evaporative concentration system 03 Field instrument, control valve 03 Engineering data electronic file creation
04 Chemical injection system 04 Instrument cabinets, on-site control panels 04 Analysis for various Equipment
05 Sludge dewatering system 05 MVR vibration monitoring device 05 Doc.and certifications required for customer inspection
06 Cooling tower system 06 All electrical system accessories 06 3D design and design drawings, etc.
07 Piping and valves including support 07 UPS DB, power, control cable, line Related laws and support for equipment supply
08 Platforms, passages, stairs, ladders, etc 08 Grounding, thermal insulation equipment 1. Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act by
  the Korean Government
2. Licensing support in accordance with various
  safety-related laws and regulations (Process
  safety report, over-the-counter impact
  assessment Risk management plan, etc.)
09 Anchor bolt, sole & internal plate 09 Foundation bolts, nuts
10 Key accessories for all equipment 10 Cable connection crimp terminal, etc.
11 Other equipment including special tools 11 Special tool
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