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Author name: 엠에이피 디자이너


Zero Liquid Discharge ㆍPLANT(Wastewater treatment) – FGD wastewater treatment PKG. Design and supply of equipment PROJECTShinseocheon FGD desulfurization wastewater treatment facility CLIENTDoosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. LOCATIONSinseocheon Thermal Power Plant in Seocheon-gun CAPACITYDesulfurization (temporary) wastewater treatment in 1,018 MW FACILITY648m3/day (13.5㎥/H x 2Units) DATENovember 04, 2019 ㆍComposition of the process FGD wastewater treatment …

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Capacitive DeionzationㆍCapacitive Deionization (CDI) – CDI is a system that removes ions in water using electrical properties – A system that repeats the accumulation (removal) and discharge (regeneration) of ions through the carbon electrode – Reduction of operating costs, environment-friendly features – Process technology application contract with Korea Electric Power Research Institute (Mechanism)ㆍModule structure and …

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PervaporationProjectEthanol DehydrationClientSYNDIP(Korea)EquipmentPervaporation Membrane SystemCapacity/date50㎥/month, 2018Process Flow DiagramFeedEtOH : 87.0 %EA & EEP : 11.0 %Water : 2.0 % Membrane Process ProductWater : 0.2 % 이하

General Kid

General Skid Chemical Injection Skid of HRSG For Power Plant Chemical Injection Skid of CT For Power Plant Chemical Injection Skid of DH For Power Plant Micro Filter Skid for Power plant Auto Strainer Skid for Power plant RO CIP Skid Chemical Injection Skid Chemical Injection Skid Pump Skid

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